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Gerovital H3 tablets and cream
Highest quality GH3 procaine HCl

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"Gerovital H3 is a leading leap ahead in the area of anti-aging supplements. The molecules of procaine hydrochloride have a significant effect in reinforcing important physical sphere. Gerovital-H3 has rightly received an impressive reputation amidst older people - it improves joint flexibility, arterial strength, increases mental sharpness while reducing mild depresion, it also regenerates the skin texture. It is what you can describe as an acroos-the board preparation for slowing down the manifestation of old age ailments ".
[Dr. Paul Yutsis, M.D.]

"For years GH3 procaine supplements of this class were only attainable to the very wealthy, movie stars, head of Countries and leaders of affluent, influential countries; the reasoning was that the price of receiving Gerovital-H3 therapy was too expensive to the general public. This GH3 Formula treatment, in compresses and injections, is today attainable for those informed individuals wanting to appear younger and healthier into the future years at a very affordable price". [Dr. C Hertzog - London UK]

Gerovital H3 principal ingredient is procaine hydrochloride, the famous and original anti aging substance discovered by the Romanian gerontologist Dr. Ana Aslan.  In the United States Gerovital is categorised as "dietary supplement" in the D.S. act of 1994.

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