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Aging can be perceived as the gradual changes that take place in the structural foundation of any organism with passage of time which is not influenced by either disease or other influences. These changes eventually influence the death of the organism. The term general premature aging can be defined boosted or early indications of the process of aging. It has no known causes however a connection with stress and even inheritance. The drugs used for prevention of slowing of the process are referred as geroprotector and can be classified in 3 entities:

- agents that postpone the onset of aging;
- agents that raise the maximal lifespan which reduce the rate of aging;
- agents which increase the chances of survival regardless to the rate of aging.

Geroprotectors can be perceived as lifespan prolonging drugs. One of the best known geroprotectors is gerovital H3 with Procaine Hcl.

Gerovital H3 - Frequently Asked Questions:

- The supplement has not exhibited any adverse effects through its use for the last 48 years.

- Other medications have been found to contain a sulphur base like some antibiotics but GH3 has been noted to be a neutralizer.

- According to research, after administration of 60 times its dose to laboratory rats, there still were no side effects. This is with respect to the fact that a natural product translates that its ingredients are natural to the body and the body immune system should get rid of the excess quantities. With the unnatural products, it is easy to translate that the body has no immune to them and ay influence irreversible damage in addition to death.

- Laboratory rats that were initially treated with GH3 successfully inhibited the establishment of the diseases in them after being injected with live cancer cells.

- According to the Romanian researchers, one person in 6000 is allergic and the allergy is not serious other than a mild rash or a prickling sensation of the skin

Research indicates that some experience a mild headache and nausea for two or three days. This can be seen as the adjusting of the system to the new element where it is also detoxified by the strong input of GH3

- Depression in the elderly is often influenced by a buildup of a substance referred to as MAO in the brain. This is a critical substance to the correct functioning of the body however influences depression with its presence in large quantities. The DEAE element in GH3 correctly balances the level of MAO preventing depression. It is perceived as the only safe substance that can correctly balance without interfering with the mechanism of MAO production.

- With respect to the claims of Dr. Aslan, GH3 has no capacity to pass the placental barrier which is perceived as unfortunate since it would act as an advantage to the unborn baby. Since it will improve the health conditions of the mother, then it also influences the baby positively.

- With respect to individuals, the placebo effect is present in all types of medication and treatment according to the susceptibility of the individual to suggestion. Clinical research has however indicated that patients that suffered from total senility have regained their mental recall after administration of GH3. One may as well assume lacking of the placebo effect in this case.

- Many cases have been observed where substantial benefits were recorded with this type of issue. GH3 appears to consist of a certain affinity for nerve tissue and continues to receive positive results with respect to advanced alternative treatment.

- It can be viewed as a certain type of nutrient that operates in the same way as other foods through diffusion in the circulatory system and enriching the blood in such a way that it promotes cellular growth and well being

- The rates of absorption and metabolism differ in individuals. Therefore an intestinal cleaner has the capacity to clean the intestine such that GH3 is absorbed more effectively in a cleaner gut.

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