Gerovital H3 Injections

riginal Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan's Romanian GEROVITAL H3 procaine HCL injections:
Box of 5 X 5ml ampoules

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Ingredients: Procaine hydrochloride 0.1000g, Benzoic acid 0.0060g, Potassium metabisulfite 0.0050g, Disodium phosphate 0.0005g. Manufactured and sealed in Romania with authenticity markings.

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Also known as GH3 or KH3: Gerovital-H3 principal ingredient is procaine Hydrochloride.  This is the famous and original anti-aging drug discovered by Prof. Ana Aslan of Bucharest and exported directly from Romania by the manufacturer Zentiva ®.  Gerovital H3 is successful in stimulating the circulatory system, strengthening bones and joints, heightening the endocrine glands and has a mobilising effect on cholesterol. One of the earliest visible signs is improvement in the skin; it softens wrinkles, brightens colour and improves pigmentation. Those who have undergone this anti-ageing treatment claim a feeling of total rejuvenation, a sexual boost and a general physical and mental improvement.

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All boxes are sealed in Romania with serial number and authenticity markings
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