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Buy GH3 Gerovital H3 tablets with Procaine Hydrochloride 100% Pharmaceuitcal grade.


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• 1 Bottle - 100mg Procaine HCl Complex (60 Tablets)  One Month "trial"
Pharmaceutical Grade Procaine HCl

US $ 22.00


• 3 x 60  (180 Tablets)
6-week course - with 100mg Procaine Hcl

US $ 60.00

PURCHASE 3 bottles $60.00


• 6 x 60  (360 Tablets)
7-month course -
Only $14.00 per month
- With 100mg Procaine Hcl  - Sale!

US $ 98.00

PURCHASE 6 Bottles $98.00


• 12 x 60  (720 Tablets)
One year plus 8 weeks course
- Special $13.50 per month! - free shipping -

US $ 195.00

PURCHASE 12 Bottles $195.00

• 24 x 60  (1,440 Tablets)
Two years and 4 months course
- With 100mg Procaine HCl
Save more!
Only $11.14/month

US $ 348.00

PURCHASE 24 Bottles $348.00


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